Header: Building the online Library "This is an innovative way to bring treasures - including mine - to a new audience," Bill Gates

Turning the Pages™ 2.0 is an application that allows libraries and museums to put entire collections of books and single sheet items in a compelling 3D environment, with a suite of useful tools to aid understanding. It is available as a toolkit for institutions to build their own libraries, or as a service. Click here to find out more, or click here to see it in action.

We've also put together a showcase to highlight some of our recent work.

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TTP 2.0 runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. Using the same technical back-end, the TTP content management system can also generate an accessible version as well as web and kiosk versions. We are committed to allowing you to reach as large an audience as possible, while retaining all the usability that visitors want.

Turning the Pages can run online or offline as a kiosk, be hosted by us, or by your IT department. We can customise the interface and add new features to get you the Turning the Pages you want. As well as a cost-effective solution, this allows libraries and museums to gain a visitor attraction in-house, whilst at the same time using the reach of the internet to provide maximum exposure to collections.

Turning the Pages has now been adopted by, amongst others: the British Library, the National Archives, the Royal Society, the National Library of Ireland, the Natural History Museum, the Zoological Society of London, English Heritage and the National Trust.

The Turning the Pages™ content management system allowing users to create and upload their own books.

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What they're saying...

  • "Absolutely magnificent! This really shows what the internet should be used for."
  • "The "turn the pages..." made me cry for joy."
  • "Treasures digitisation is just wonderful. Congratulations - and keep going on more content!"
  • "Thank you, thank you, thank you for your digitising project!! It is the most amazing experience to "page through" such famous books."
  • "Just tried "turning the pages" and for the first time ever I felt myself smiling involuntarily as I perused an e-book."
  • Recent awards include the British Computer Society Best web Technology award. Image: BCS logo winner

For more information contact us at ttp@armadillosystems.com or on +44 (0) 20 7388 8757

Text: News

March 2011

Cardiff University present Welsh treasures using TTP. Southampton and Durham Universities adop

March 2010

The Royal Society launch Stukely's biography of Isaac Newton

December 2009

English Heritage launch Darwin's field notebooks and Beagle Diary. The Bodleian Library launch the Kennicott Bible.

September 2009

The Natural History launch the first animated TTP at Darwin Centre 2

July 2009

The National Trust bring the Lyme Missal back home using TTP

February 2009

English Heritage launch "The Beagle Diary" and Darwin's Field Notebooks at Down House and online

January 2009

The Natural History Museum use TTP to showcase "On the Origin of Species"

September 2008

Henry Moore Institute puts Helen Chadwick Notebooks online

English Heritage adopt TTP 2.0.

July 2008

The National Archives launches 3 kiosks, including the Domesday book on TTP

June 2008

Zoological Society of London launch TTP 2.0 in it's new birdhouse

February 2008

The University of London (SOAS) use TTP 2.0 to showcase the priceless Anvar-i Suhayli.

January 2008

BL competition winners go live using cross-platform Turning the Pages. More here

December 2007

TTP 2.0 wins the prestigious British Computer Society web-based technology award.

National Library of Ireland "Strangers" exhibition goes live, using Turning the Pages.

November 2007

University of London, National Archives, National Library of Ireland, Newcastle Public Library all adopt Turning the Pages.